Have your cake and eat it too

imageWhy do we wait until Monday to start our diet? Why not start now, or better yet why start at all? The moment we decide we need to be on a diet is the moment we are defeating ourselves. “Diet” is such a depressing word. Die it, it died, I need to go on a diet. No you do not need to emotionally tear yourself down, and kill yourself on the inside because you are disgusted by your physical appearance.

First of all we are our own worst critics. If we pick and poke hard enough we will always find something we want to change, or something we want to hide. Whether it be something minor like a haircut, or something major like liposuction, sometimes to much energy is wasted trying to cover up what we don’t like about ourselves .

The truth is we all have to start with what we can control. We have to get a grip on our lives with both hands. From the moment we roll out of bed, and open our eyes we are given the ability to do whatever we want with our bodies. That is living, that is not dying, and that is definitely not a diet. With the ability to eat whatever we want, and exercise however we want, we can create for ourselves fun, enthusiastic lifestyles full of positive energy, and good vides.

We have the choice to find a way to take everything we hate about monitoring what we eat, and make it fun. We can have our cake and eat it too. Literally we can have a giant piece of chocolate mousse cake, and eat it too. Just think about where you are before you dive into that cake. Are you alone on a Saturday night, missing out on your girlfriend’s bachelorette party because you don’t like how you look in anything but leggings or drawstring sweatpants? Are you sinking into your sectional right now, flicking through thousands of channels with a blank stare because you are justifying why it is totally okay to skip out on your friends because you feel fat?


Any piece of cake worth derailing from a healthy life style is only worth eating if you’re sharing it with your best friends.  So, put down the chocolate, put on the Coco, and go live it up. What we all need to do is live it up, and forget about the diet.



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