A vacation to paradise; what to do when you get there

FullSizeRenderxxxIf you’re planning a vacation, and leaning towards a relaxing island getaway, I recommend Nassau Bahamas Paradise Island. The crystal blue water, and white sand beaches for miles make any time a good time to visit this breathtaking island. Whether you’re looking for a non-stop party, family vacation, or romantic trip for two, the Atlantis and Sheraton Hotels offer an array of amenities sure to please every guest. Both hotels are beach front, they both have gorgeous pools, friendly staff, and an atmosphere which allows guests to experience the Bahamian culture.

Both the Atlantis, and Sheraton have delicious restaurants, but in order to experience the ultimate Caribbean dish you have to visit the Bahamas Fish Fry. It’s a place to bar hop, food shop, and get a taste of the islands. Visitors can try anything from conch, grouper and snapper paired with traditional sides such as plantains, and rice. The Fish Fry is the place to go for authentic, and fresh Bahamian flavors.

The only thing fresher than food at the Fish Fry is the conch salad at Senor Frog’s. Made to order, the conch salad is definitely an acquired taste, even for sushi lovers. Like farm to table, this is literally shell to salad. The chef will make the salad at the table. The live conch is cut from it’s shell, sliced, diced, tossed with other ingredients, fresh squeezed citrus, and served to guests. As gross as it sounds there are a lot of great reviews; it’s definitely Snap Chat worthy, and sure to catch the attention of your followers.

Senor Frogs has a full menu, so if the conch salad doesn’t sound appetizing there are plenty of other options. You can’t help but enjoy yourself from the moment you walk into the restaurant because it is a non-stop party. As the chefs are dicing up the conch they are dancing. The décor is outrageous. There are so many different types of crazy signs, and bright colors hung all over the walls, and ceiling. Roughly a 15 minute cab ride from the Sheraton, Senor Frogs is a must on the vacation itinerary.

Some other inexpensive activities that incorporate the gorgeous culture Paradise Island has to offer include snorkeling, kayaking, renting jet skis, and browsing the market. Both the Atlantis, and Sheraton provide snorkeling equipment to guests at no extra charge. The water is so clear you can see the tropical fish along the shoreline. If you are looking for more of an adventure I would recommend looking into the available excursions that take guests out into deeper waters. From the moment you put on the goggles, and jump in the water the sight is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The coral is colorful and vibrant, and there are fish and other marine life you have never seen before, so close you can reach out, and touch them. Some of the fish were larger than small children. Depending on the excursion you might even be offered the chance to feed some of the marine life. If you have a waterproof case on your phone, or a GoPro use it because you’re going to want pictures. Oh yea, when the tour guide says “get back in the boat the big ones are coming,” he’s not kidding.

Feeling a little too fearful of the unknown, no worries there is plenty to do above water. Renting jet skis is a blast. My sister and I rented one, and cruised around the Island for nearly an hour. Hold on tight, because when you hit the waves hard enough you might fly right off. It is refreshing to be surrounded by nothing but cool ocean breeze, and a blanket of glistening blue.

The slide at the Atlantis is so much fun especially if you want to see some marine life without going in the ocean. Guests can slide down with or without a tube. With a tube you will be able to travel down a bit slower, and have a chance to see giant sharks swimming around the underwater tunnel. For a couple of minutes the only thing between myself and six foot sharks was a sheet of fiberglass; it was awesome! FullSizeRender

Look hard enough and you might see sharks right along the shore. My sister, and I took advantage of the complimentary kayak. Once we got the momentum going we traveled out to the edge of the roped off area. The water was still so clear we could see everything beneath us. Out of nowhere we looked down, and noticed a dark shadow coming towards us. The closer it got we realized what it was, it was a shark. The Jaws theme song was playing in my mind as it’s fin slowly lurked from the water. It came close enough that my sister was able to reach out, and touch it with her oar. It was about a foot or two in length; pretty cute, and a reminder of the many one of a kind experiences the Bahamas has to offer. It’s a memory neither one of us will ever forget.

Surviving a shark encounter one might say they need a drink. Well rather than going to the bars on the resort we walked across the street to the Daq Shack. It’s a small hole in the wall that makes every daiquiri by blending the island’s freshest fruits. Each daiquiri is made to order. There is no pre-maid, sugary mixtures lying around. The Daq Shack is located within walking distance of the market. Browsing the shops with an ice cold, fresh daiquiri is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. FullSizeRenderxx

Paradise Island is a perfect vacation for anyone. There are so many different things to do, and explore. The atmosphere is fun, and relaxing, and memories will be made that last a life time. Anytime is a perfect time to go, but if you’re looking to save money then book a trip during off season; April through early December.




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