Avoiding a bridal breakdown

Avoiding a bridal breakdown can be incredibly difficult for the bride to be, especially when she is forced to take a detour on the day of the wedding.

Once the bride says “Yes” not only is she making a commitment to her future life partner, she is also making a commitment to dedicating countless hours to planning a wedding.  Unfortunately no amount of spreadsheets, diagrams, or detail appointments can match up to what Mother Nature might have in store for the big day.

The powers at be for even the most blissful of brides to be cannot withstand the possibility of less than perfect weather.  The only option any bride has to avoid a soggy ceremony is to have a plan B. Saying “I do” indoors may not sound as romantic as vows under the stars, but staying dry under the ceiling is much more comfortable than getting slapped with wind, and sleet.   If a bride has her heart set on nuptials in nature she needs to have a backup plan.  If a bride has her heart centered on creating her perfect day outside despite the possibility of being stuck in the heart of a perfect storm she may have to say “Yes” to a tent, space heaters, or cute clear umbrellas if she’s saying “No” to an indoor ceremony.

The bride is the focal point, and she wants to look her best for herself, for her guests, and for her future husband.  Every bride anxiously anticipates her future husband’s reaction as she walks down the aisle.  The last thing any bride wants to do is second guess her look.  The best way to avoid the look of tortured tresses, or fondant like foundation is to schedule a hair and makeup trial. Stylists are happy to work with their clients, and show them how to accentuate their best features, and bring out the beautiful bride in everyone.  Listen to the professionals, let them use colors, and contour how they believe will look best for the big day. Don’t be afraid to play around with different shades, and styles. A hair and makeup trial is well worth the money. Avoid wedding day stress; no bride wants to guess what she might look like when the hair and makeup artists are through with her on the wedding day. Even the best artists can only work magic, not miracles.

Even an unseasonably warm autumn afternoon, a refreshing, crisp breeze in the air, glistening hair, flawless makeup, and a princess gown isn’t enough to cap the lid on what is sure to be a perfect wedding.  Something is always bound to not go exactly as planned, but that doesn’t mean the bride can’t have her fairy-tale wedding.  All every bride has to do to ensure they enjoy their day rain or shine, frizzed hair, or fine is take a breath even when she feels like she can’t breathe at all, and remember a wedding is a celebration of love two people have for one another. If a bride wakes up on the morning of her wedding and is reminded she is about to marry her best friend, nothing else will matter, and every detail including the dress will seamlessly fall into place.

By Russell’s Photography Studio




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