Battle of the bridesmaids

Its tradition for a bride to have her maids, but can a bridal party be too big? Ultimately it is up to the bride to decide who she wants beside her as she begins planning one of the most important days of her life.

Photo by: Russell’s Photography Studio

Choosing not only the right number, but also the right people for a bridal party can be extremely difficult. No bride wants to be the cause of hard feelings, but sometimes a little tough love from the love bird never hurt anyone. To the fawned over fiancé it’s okay to say No. It may seem harsh, or hurtful, but a bride should be able to piece together her party without feeling like she is pulling her friendships apart.

Being a bridesmaid is an honor, and a commitment.  The bride’s wedding day wishes should be supported and granted by her bridal party; within reason of course.   Members of the party should have the bride’s best interest at heart.  A bride’s emotions are a force to be reckoned with, and all she wants is for nothing to wreck her wedding day.

If a potential bridesmaid shows a disinterest in detail appointments, dress shopping and decorations it’s a red flag, and the bride shouldn’t invite that person’s opinion when choosing a white dress. A bride should be surrounded by people who care about her special day as much as she does. Honest, and supportive friends make the best bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids should make a bride feel elegant when she steps out in Elie Saad, mesmerizing in Monique Lhuillier, or perfect in Pronovias.

There are so many respectful dress designers for a bride to pick from, so choosing the right dress can be draining not only for the bride, but also for the budget.  It’s not customary for a bride to purchase bridesmaid dresses, so the bridal party should be willing, and financially able to put aside time, and money towards the matrimony.

The bride needs to take charge when it comes to her wedding day wants as she rummages through the dress racks, but she needs to take a step back if its causing her bridesmaids to rack up a hefty debt.

To avoid a petty argument over a price tag a bride can give her maids options. A bride can choose four, or five styles, and colors. Each bridesmaid can then individually select which dress from the group they want to dawn on the day of the wedding. Choices allow bridesmaids to feel more confident with the price of their purchases.

For a bride the only piece of the party puzzle more difficult than dressing so many different women is dubbing one of them maid of honor.  A bride doesn’t have to choose just one, nor does she have to choose anyone to fill this role.  A bride should choose whomever she can count on the most, and one willing to give a toast not a roast at the reception.

A bride can avoid battling with bridesmaids, and tarnishing friendships when deliberating tasks, and titles by surrounding herself with people who truly care about her happiness.

My bridal party consisted of five girls, three of which traveled from out of state. I couldn’t have wished for a more supportive group of family and friends to be there with me through the entire process.

Photo by: Russell’s Photography Studio

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