Stretch to relieve stress

Stretching is important for everyone; not just athletes.  Adults and children should stretch every day before, and after any type of strenuous physical activity.

Your boyfriend asked you to move in.  OMG!! Update your FB status, that’s so exciting; especially since the next step is probably an engagement.  Well you don’t want him to throw his back out moving furniture around for you.  This will make it nearly impossible for him to get down on one knee, and pop the big question. You don’t want him moaning in agony when he says “Marry me?” Stretching before an activity such as packing boxes, and moving will help to warm up the body, loosen the muscles, and decrease the risk of injury.

Surprisingly stretching not only enhances flexibility, it also enhances coordination, and better posture. So, after your boyfriend pops the question pain free all the stretching will pay off when you are standing tall, and confident on your wedding day.

Realistically moving in with your partner, sharing space, and getting used to each other’s habits can be stressful.  A few minutes of daily stretching will feel good, aid in the release of muscle tension, and any other possible built up tension that comes along with compromise.

Proper Stretching techniques:

Warm up first:  Do your favorite exercise for a few minutes before stretching. This will warm up your muscles, and get your heart rate up.  I’m sure there is an exercise you, and your partner can agree on that involves warming up.

Don’t bounce: Bouncing as you stretch can cause small tears in the muscle which will leave scar tissue as the muscles heal. Save the bouncing for the bedroom.

Relax breathe, and focus on a pain free stretch: Don’t hold your breath while you are stretching, and if it hurts you’ve stretched too far.


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