Ever changing body trends, and the struggle to keep up

At the end of every year the average person makes a resolution to lose weight, and that is no surprise considering the average person also gains roughly ten pounds over the course of the holiday season.

There is nothing wrong with making a resolution to lose weight as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons. Do it for yourself, so you can live your best, most productive life. Don’t do it because someone is bullying you about your size. People are brutal, and it starts at a young age.  The obsession over our outward appearances, and the way others see us is like a cancer; consuming our lives and perception of what it means to be beautiful.

Vintage Ad: 1930s-1950s

Losing weight is so much harder than putting on the extra pounds. Back in the 1930s -1950s controversial ads involving gaining weight to get a date circulated through the news stands.  One ad claims there is a new treatment that “is giving thousands extra flesh in just a few weeks.”  One testimonial attributed her 10 pound weight gain to her dating success.  With the recent backlash even some models are facing today for being “to thick,” its nearly impossible to imagine a time when thigh gap was a turn off, and love handles were a turn on.

In less than a century body trends have changed so much. What hasn’t changed is the stress so many people continue to put themselves under in order to keep up with these ever changing beauty trends.

The 1930s-1950s was an era when “curvy” wasn’t  a euphemism for over-weight, and “skinny” was a bad word.  According to the advertisements attractiveness was measured in numbers; pounds to be exact. Maybe not much has changed?  The media has a way of potentially messing with our minds.  Some people look for recognition with social media by keeping tabs on how many likes they can get. Others hide behind filters.

For everyone making a  resolution to lose weight; love yourself.  Change the way you see yourself, and you will change the way others see you.




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