Charla is an author, animal lover, an exercise enthusiast. In 2014 she self-published her first children’s book titled How Hope Saved Halloween. In the future Charla hopes to publish another book, but in the meantime she is working on her blog which tackles issues related to fitness, love an entertainment. Most of her blogs start out as small ideas inspired by real life experiences.


Although the journey wasn’t always easy, Charla was able to obtain a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Journalism. Since graduating she’s worked in radio, television, and print.  Sometimes the hours were very long and tedious, but worth every early morning, extra coffee and sleepless night. Waking up before sunrise, and driving nearly an hour to an unpaid internship gave Charla the opportunity to meet, and connect with some of the media industry’s most influencial people.

Working in a fast-paced newsroom also had its perks. Being able to sit side by side with incredibly well known anchor men and women was nothing short of sureil. The hightlight however was seeing her name Charla next to the words “Staff Writer.” Knowing her words would reach thousands of people with just one click of a mouse was exciting, and nerve racking. Working for a well known tv station was the confidence boost Charla needed to realize her writing skills were good enough to be published.

She has since moved on to blogging because it allows her the freedom to write about what she enjoys, and it gives her the ability to share her thoughts, and experiences with others. She hopes her blog will bring encouragement, inspiration, and laughter to those who view it.